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Creative & Caring Solutions for Your Family Law Matters

Facing family law matters like divorce, separation, and child custody can be overwhelming. How will you protect yourself and those you hold most dear? How will you navigate the legal side of your situation while also keeping afloat in your personal and professional life? 

The experienced team at McCracken Kuhn Marks PLLC is here to empower you and guide you in making informed, educated decisions as you move forward. We are strategic advocates, ready to provide you with creative, caring, and personalized services on your family law journey.

At McCracken Kuhn Marks PLLC, you are treated with the respect and dignity you deserve — you are a person, not just a case file. To connect with a legal team with a passion for helping people in and around the Nashville area, contact us today.

Forward-thinking. Collaborative practitioners. Fierce advocates. Thoughtful listeners. Strategic problem solvers.



Divorce & Post-Divorce Enforcement

It is our mission to help our clients get through the divorce process thoughtfully and to help them strive for the best outcomes in this difficult time.

Collaborative Divorce

When you choose collaborative divorce, you work with the entire team of McCracken Kuhn Marks PLLC and can avoid the stress of having to step foot in a courtroom.

Child Custody
and Parentage

Not much in this world is as important as your relationship with your child. Here at McCracken Kuhn Marks PLLC, we advocate for parents who want to protect this bond.

LGBTQ+ Family Law

The laws that apply to LGBTQ+ people are changing rapidly. This community faces many unique legal challenges that our experienced attorneys can help with.

Prenuptial Agreements

Whether it is your first marriage or not, sometimes you want to make sure certain assets are preserved.


Mediation often helps keep down litigation cost by resolving differences early, without the expense of trying cases in court.

Estate Planning

It is necessary to create an estate plan to protect what you’ve built and what you will go on to accumulate.


We are here to help you navigate the legal process required to welcome your new family member with open arms.

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4 Myths About Collaborative Divorce

4 Myths About Collaborative Divorce

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