Handling the Legal Complexities of Adoption

Adopting is one of the most rewarding experiences and all of us here at McCracken Kuhn Marks PLLC are here to help you navigate the legal process required to welcome your new family member with open arms. We strive to make sure that your adoption process is smooth so that you can focus your energies on the important things like helping to make your new family member feel welcome and comfortable in his/her/their new home.

Adoptions take many shapes and the experienced attorneys at McCracken Kuhn Marks PLLC can assist in infant/newborn adoptions, step-child adoptions, relative adoptions, state adoptions, private adoptions, and international adoptions. We can assist with navigating the foster care system and understand that sometimes conflicts occur between the surrendering parent and the adopting parents. At McCracken Kuhn Marks PLLC we strive to be your voice in the sometimes stressful and complicated legal process surrounding adoption.

We work with stepparents, single parents, married couples, grandparents, unwed couples, and domestic partners to prepare you to welcome your child. We assist in parental rights proceedings and are well acquainted with parenting plans for parties looking to share custody of an adopted child. We are also familiar with the flipside of adoption where one party wishes to terminate their own parental rights by consent, or petition the court to terminate the rights of another parent. Whatever your situation is, we are happy to help!

In addition to adoptions, the lawyers at McCracken Kuhn Marks PLLC can assist with surrogacy and Artificial Reproductive Technology and can help protect your rights as both the surrogate or the adoptive parent. As this area of law is ever-changing, we work to remain on top of this field of study so that we can best represent you and your interests.

Our goal at McCracken Kuhn Marks PLLC is to make sure that you are focused on your family while we work hard to be your and your newest family member’s strongest advocate in the legal process of adoption and surrogacy.