The Dangers of Using Online Form Wills

We often hear clients ask, “Why can’t I just use an online form Will to make this easier?” The truth is, if you use an online form Will, it might hold up legally and be perfectly fine. But there’s also a strong chance that it might not. The danger of this happening is simply too great and the consequences too severe for it to be wise to take this path.  One major issue is that online Read More

How to Approach Your Spouse About a Collaborative Divorce

More and more people who come to our office after deciding their marriage has reached its end want to avoid the additional financial and emotional cost of a traditional divorce. There are good options.  If you’ve learned about collaborative divorce and think it might be a good approach for you and your soon-to-be-ex, make sure you approach them in a way that allows them to really appreciate the things that make Read More

Breaking the News: How to Tell Your Child You’re Getting a Divorce

One of the hardest parts of getting a divorce is breaking the news to friends and family. It is hard to let down the people who were rooting for you, and who truly believed that you and your spouse would make it as a couple. For many couples, no one had more faith in their love than the child they brought into the world together. Breaking the news of a divorce to your child is one of the most challenging, Read More

What You Need to Know About Conservatorships for Your Parents

Do you have a parent or adult friend who can no longer make his or her own decisions regarding their finances and medical care? Perhaps they’ve experienced a brain injury that left them in a coma, a stroke that impaired normal function or they suffer from Alzheimer’s disease. Financial planners or bank officers also may contact family members if they notice a change in a client’s financial habits. If the Read More

Three Tips For Moving On with Life After Divorce

After a divorce, your whole world opens up. You have new freedoms and opportunities to thrive in a fresh chapter of your life. But for many recently divorced people, moving on can be difficult. Many struggle to turn away from all the drama and sadness of the past to face all the open doors of the future. It makes perfect sense — you’ve been concentrating on your flawed marriage for a very long time, from trying to Read More

Understanding the Role of the Financial Professional in a Collaborative Divorce

The process of collaborative divorce helps couples find creative solutions to the problems they face as they divide their assets and make plans for their lives apart from one another. There are many financial challenges that come along with a divorce and each case is different. The couple must navigate taxes, family support, and fairly dividing the value of real estate and business interests. Emotions can run high Read More

What Do the Courts Consider as the Child’s Best Interests?

In Tennessee, divorcing or separating parents are encouraged to come up with their own custody arrangement. Not only will you save time and money, but when you prepare a parenting plan that reflects and accommodates your unique family dynamics, it’s more likely to be successful. While this is the ideal, not all parents can work together to create their own plan. Bitterness and resentment over past slights often Read More

How Mental Health Professionals Assist in the Collaborative Divorce Process

As an experienced business professional, you’ll notice similarities between collaborative divorce and major company transactions like sales, mergers, and acquisitions. You and your counsel meet with the other side (in this case, your spouse) and their counsel, surrounded by professionals whose knowledge and expertise can guide you toward a successful conclusion. Collaborative divorce lets you and your spouse Read More

Living Wills Explained

At some point during the estate planning process, you’ll likely have to address your final wishes, including what type of lifesaving medical care you want to receive and when you want to be taken off life prolonging care. A Living Will answers many of these questions and allows individuals to legally document their end-of-life healthcare preferences.  This directive will be a great relief to family and friends Read More

Understanding Attorney Withdrawal

A collaborative divorce is different from a conventionally adversarial divorce. One of the distinctive features of a collaborative divorce is the attorney withdrawal provision allowing attorneys and clients to approach divorce more like a business deal. The Withdrawal Provision When a collaborative divorce begins, both sides sign an agreement that includes an attorney withdrawal provision. That means if the Read More