4 Things a Will Does Not Accomplish

Estate planning can be a tricky process to navigate—there are lots of options to consider, and without legal advice, it can be difficult to know which solutions are right for your needs. Many people believe that a Will is the best choice for their family. However, there are several things a Will cannot do that you may be able to accomplish with a living trust. Avoid the Probate Process A Will does not help your Read More

5 Tips For Managing Divorce Stress

Have you ever heard of the Mary Tyler Moore Show? It’s been off the air for decades, but if you’ve ever caught a rerun, there’s one scene you won’t forget. Each episode begins with stressed but spunky Mary Richards dashing madly about. She moved to Minneapolis after breaking up with a boyfriend and took a job as an evening news associate producer. It’s a huge change with many obstacles, but Mary’s a strong Read More

Irwin Kuhn CLE for Lawyers on Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreements

Irwin Kuhn, along with Michael Sontag, a partner in the Nashville office of Bass Berry & Sims, presented a continuing legal education program on prenuptial and postnuptial agreements for the Nashville Bar Association on Valentines Day 2019. The title of the CLE was Prenuptials and Postnuptials, They’re Like a Box of Chocolates; You Never Know What You’re Going to Get. The presentation focused on current case  law Read More

Considering Adoption? Ask Yourself These Questions First

There’s a quote we absolutely love: “Parenthood requires love, not DNA.” Another great one is “Adoption is another word for love.” There are a ton of inspirational quotes on the subject, but they all convey the same truth. Adoption is a meaningful and joyous experience during which you welcome a child into your family. Every year, an estimated 135,000 kids are adopted in the U.S., giving them loving and Read More

5 Tips For Effective Co-Parenting Following Divorce

Although divorce ends your marriage, you and your former spouse will always be in a relationship if you have children together. It’s called co-parenting, and it’s an amazing experience to share. You’ll work together to provide parental guidance to the kids and plan their future milestones, such as school, college, and maybe even a wedding. You can even do it from different cities or time zones if life takes you in Read More

Understanding the Role of the Financial Professional in Collaborative Divorce

Most divorce proceedings will have a significant impact on your finances, both now and in the future. While attorneys certainly have the legal knowledge that you need to navigate the collaborative divorce process, having a financial professional work as a member of your team can be extremely helpful. What does a Financial Professional Do in a Collaborative Divorce? This person works as a neutral third-party to Read More

5 Ways to Help Your Kids Adjust to Life Following Divorce

Divorce is often painful for the whole family, including the children. Separation is confusing for them, and it is challenging to explain something that you may not fully understand yourself. It is a struggle to handle your own issues and problems while also helping your child through this process as well. However, you owe it to your children to do the best you can to help them through this transitionary period. What Read More

A Step-by-Step Guide to the Stepparent Adoption Process

Raising a step-child can be one of the most joy-filled experiences of your life. While you may not be the biological parent to this child, you certainly have the love and affection of any parent. In many cases, stepparents want to make sure that the law reflects the reality of being the parent to that child. In addition to being a very emotional experience, stepparent adoptions can also provide other benefits such as Read More

Don’t Let Your Estate Plans Fall Through the Cracks Following a Divorce

If you’re going through the emotionally and financially exhausting divorce process, chances are that you haven’t given much thought to any estate plans currently in effect. Sooner or later (preferably sooner), though, you will have to address this important issue. Otherwise, your assets could end up being distributed in ways that you don’t want. Change Your Will If you get divorced and fail to update your Will, Read More

Tennessee Child Custody Explained

Child custody in Tennessee is slightly different from other states in America. This is because, as a rule, each state has jurisdiction over the children that live within its borders. As a parent going through a child custody matter or divorce, it is vital for you to make sure you understand child custody, the different types, and how it is determined in the state in which your child lives. Permanent Parenting Read More