Collaborative Divorce

Ending Your Marriage Outside of the Court System

A collaborative divorce is a client-driven process that makes it possible for a divorcing couple to formally agree to avoid litigation and instead negotiate a mutually beneficial divorce settlement agreement through a structured and respectful problem-solving process.

When you choose collaborative divorce, you work with an entire team and can avoid the stress of having to set foot in a courtroom. Some of the professionals who will help you collaborate include: 

  • A collaboratively-trained attorney for each party to guide and advise on the legal aspects of the divorce;
  • A neutral financial professional to assist the parties in gathering and understanding their financial data; and 
  • A mental health professional to help the parties work through the emotional elements of the divorce and stay on course to reach a resolution. 

The team schedules a series of meetings creating a roadmap to work through each of the identified issues, culminating in the parties reaching a final divorce settlement agreement. By choosing the collaborative route, your spouse and you can avoid the uncertainty of going to Court and retain control over the outcome. The trained collaborative divorce attorneys at McCracken Kuhn Marks PLLC can help you evaluate whether the collaborative approach is right for you. Contact us today.