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If you are in the market for someone with Joanna’s skills, the chances are you are in a stressful, likely heartbreaking, juncture in your life. When I found myself at that juncture, I wanted an attorney that was highly competent, had plenty of grit, and could still be sensitive to the intricacies of a painful family dynamic. Joanna has these qualities in spades. Look no further for your counsel.


I cannot tell you what a blessing it was to have Ms. Marks working on my divorce. What could have been a very stressful and anxiety-producing process was made as comfortable as it possibly could be, thanks to both the knowledge and professionalism, and the empathy of Ms. Marks. I felt like my choices were followed, instead of my being forced or led to make decisions. Would highly recommend.


Mr. Kuhn’s service, attention, and knowledge far, far exceeded my expectations. He was referred to me for help with my divorce and made what could have been a horrific process extremely tolerable and as low-stress as possible. He explained everything in extreme detail and made sure I was comfortable with and understood every step in the process. Mr. Kuhn was kind to explain what things could be done ourselves instead of through him in order to save money, and charged an extremely reasonable retainer for all of the time and attention I received. In fact, I received a partial refund once the divorce was final for unused retainer hours — that truly left an impression on me and spoke to the honesty of his entire team. The divorce process went surprisingly smoothly, and I truly believe it was because of Mr. Kuhn. He helped me understand how to communicate with my spouse in order to make myself and my intentions understood, and made the entire process as genuinely peaceful as something this traumatic could be. I am thankful for his guidance and highly, highly recommend him.


Joanna not only knows the law she knows how to use it to help her clients efficiently address their problem. If you’re looking for a divorce attorney who is a complete pro look no further.


Demi did an excellent job with communication, navigating and handling my case. If I was ever unsure of needed further explanation, she was quick to respond with an easy to understand explanation. Demi fought hard for my case and more specifically my wants. I am very thankful for her help!


Irwin Kuhn is a talented attorney and mediator. He is a careful listener and an excellent writer who is able to convey your ruminations, concerns, and suffering into precise legal language that gets the job done. Not only is his writing succinct, but he is an excellent verbal communicator, both in and out of the courtroom. He collaborates well, will always try to mediate, but also knows when to take it to court. Irwin is well-respected, and for a good reason. His affable nature and easygoing manners might fool you into thinking he’s a softie, but his pen is a sword for justice. He doesn’t mince words. People don’t seek legal recourse unless it is urgent and compelling. When people turn to a family law attorney, they are seeking help from the very core of their being. He has helped me win my post-divorce matter. Everything that I needed to get done, happened with Irwin Kuhn at the helm. I will always be grateful to him.


I have known Joanna for several years. She combines an extensive knowledge of the law with a practical understanding of how it works, and should work, during a divorce or family law case. I have no hesitation in recommending her.


Demi was willing to go the extra mile to assist me in my case. She never wavered in leading me down the correct path to finalize my case. I would highly recommend her.


Mr. Kuhn was very detailed in asking questions, giving feedback and information regarding my situation. He was very supportive along the way and I cannot thank him and his staff enough for making me feel comfortable and secure in this matter. I will always be grateful to Mr. Kuhn and his calm and professional manner. Thank you, Mr. Kuhn for giving me back my life!


Joanna is a highly skilled and exceptional lawyer. You won’t find a better advocate. I give her my highest endorsement.