The Importance of Hiring an Attorney Who Understands Your Working Schedule

It’s 6:00 a.m., but you’re already thinking about work. As CEO of a project management software company in Nashville, you’re always on the clock. Each weekday is packed with meetings, conference calls, and matters that are urgently demanding your attention.

Now you’re getting divorced, and there’s one more person who will need your attention and time – your divorce attorney. You haven’t decided on a firm yet, but you’re already wincing inside. A good lawyer will protect your rights and your wealth, but you’re already imagining the impact on your day: calls at all hours, asking questions, requesting documents, and following up when you can’t reply right away.

Divorce is never easy for anyone, but when you’re a CEO or another busy professional, there are going to be special challenges. For example:

  • You’re concerned about the impact on your professional life, especially if you own a company or are a partner in a larger business or practice. Will your spouse be able to claim any aspect of it?
  • Will the time and stress of the divorce have a negative impact on your work?
  • Will your spouse try to claim that your income is higher than it actually is, resulting in a long and tiring forensic accounting process?
  • How many times a day is my divorce attorney going to interrupt an important call or meeting?

If questions like these are on your mind, let us tell you a secret. Not a trade secret, but something you should know before hiring legal counsel.

Not all divorce attorneys are created equal.

What do you do when you need a new executive assistant, department manager, or VP of Sales and Marketing? You hire the right person. As a professional, you know how important it is to hire someone whose skills are an ideal match for the job you need them to do, and at no time is that more essential than when you are engaging a divorce attorney whose advice will affect your professional and personal future. You need someone who: 

  • Understands the demanding life of a company owner or executive 
  • Knows how to collect information and communicate in ways that don’t add to your hectic schedule
  • Has experience in helping high net-worth clients protect significant assets
  • Will explain your options clearly and concisely

Not all divorce lawyers meet all of the above criteria. Like any other profession, family law attorneys can specialize in a certain type of client or area of the law. You want to work with a firm that understands and respects your professional obligations and will develop a plan that clearly defines when you should be contacted, the preferred method of communication, and the timeframe in which information requests can be completed and deadlines imposed. 

The best working relationship will be based on a mutual understanding of your limits and what the attorney needs to successfully advocate for you. When you choose a Nashville divorce attorney who devotes much of their practice to men with your responsibilities, divorce can be less stressful and the impact on your professional life minimized.

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As a busy executive or professional with a high net worth, you need a lawyer who understands your life and is experienced in working with high asset divorce clients. At McCracken Kuhn Marks PLLC, we offer a first-class service that includes a deep understanding of the law, a respect for your needs and requests, and the determination to help you move forward with most of your wealth intact. To schedule a confidential consultation with one of our divorce attorneys, contact us today.

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